Top 5 Signs That You Need Glasses

Arguably, vision is the most important weapon in your arsenal.

We use our sight for most of our waking day, and yet because deterioration in sight is so gradual, you may need glasses without even realizing. Optician appointments are crucial to the health of your eyes and regular check-ups are a must, especially if you’re a driver. Legally, you’re responsible for ensuring your sight is road-worthy, so stay safe, and get your eyes assessed.

Poor eyesight can even affect you at work; spot the signs early on with these top five indicators that your eyes are in bad nick:


Screwing up your eyes to see things from a distance is usually the first sign that you need to get yourself down to Specsavers. You squint because it reduces the size of your pupil, which helps clear up blurred vision as the light enters the eye. Less squinting means fewer wrinkles, so head straight to your local opticians.


A dull ache that keeps coming back is Beim Live-Blackjack, Live-Baccarat oder Live-Roulette haben Sie jederzeit die Moglichkeit, mit den freundlichen Croupiers und Kartengebern in Kontakt zu treten. usually down to focusing on a task for long periods of time, for example: staring at a computer screen. Working in an office 8 hours a day harms your eyesight and you should be entitled to free eye check-ups, courtesy of your business. If your employers are not using correct procedure to protect you from eye damage, you should call a medical negligence solicitors as soon as possible.

Holding Books At Arm’s Length 

If you are a book-lover and have started holding your novel further away from you, it’s a dead cert that you need glasses. As we get older, the natural lens that focuses on nearby objects becomes weaker. Bad news is, as you age, it will only get worse, meaning you need stronger glasses.

Miscalculating Distances

Judging distances is integral to driving, and if you can’t quite make out the space between one car and the next, you’re in big trouble. Depth perception can be stabilised with a good pair of glasses, but until you’ve had your eyes tested, get out from behind the wheel before you do yourself a mischief.


You may have noticed that you are feeling progressively more tired at work. You may put this down to the wear of day-to-day, 9-5, however, your increased fatigue is probably down to poor eyesight. Eyes that are out of focus make the brain sleepy. Clear vision significantly improves concentration and performance in the office, so avoid those afternoon slumps by getting a new pair of glasses.

If you hate glasses or are unfortunate enough to have a face that looks terrible behind them, there are always contact lenses available. Don’t make the mistake of putting off the opticians though, as good vision goes a long way. Usually, specs come in many fashionable styles and you can find a frame that suits you. Either way, a pair of glasses is better than a car accident any day.

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